Powell Appraisers Offers Realtors Advanced Appraisals

Wayne PowellGary Powell

Powell Appraisers & Consultants has announced a new Advanced Appraisals Program that is designed to assist the firm’s colleagues in the residential real estate business.  The concept is intended to help realtors in a number ways, by allowing them to secure a verifiable home value for properties they intend to sell, early in the selling process.

By having possession of a formally appraised amount, realtors can assist sellers with pricing strategies and reduce the amount of guesswork in arriving at a realistic listing figure.  This early step in the process also streamlines negotiations with potential buyers, because they have a legitimate home value they can have confidence in.

According to Powell Appraisers President Wayne Powell, “We recognize the many challenges facing realtors in the current selling environment and we see a clear opportunity to assist them in dealings with prospective sellers and buyers.  We know that knowledge is power and that by arming realtors with appraisal information early in the process, it strengthens their position with their clients and helps get deals to the table in a quicker and more effective way.”

Powell Appraisers Vice President Gary Powell notes, “The Advanced Appraisal Program also gives realtors a stronger position in early talks with sellers and potential sellers.  They are able to take a proactive stance in showing folks the true, verifiable value of their property.  Everyone’s time and efforts are much better spent in the selling process when there is pricing clarity established right at the start.”

An additional benefit of the Advanced Appraisal program comes later in the process.  By taking care of the pricing valuation in advance, realtors, buyers and sellers eliminate the risk of unnecessary closing delays caused by appraisals that aren’t completed on time.

For more information and to take advantage of Powell Appraisers & Consultants’ Advanced Appraisals Program, contact Powell Appraisers at 757-825-5977, info@powellappraisals.com or by filling out the “Contact Us” form on the website.  (www.powellappraisals.com)