Chinese Drywall Controversy Has Widespread Impact

A large influx of defective drywall materials imported from China during the past decade has created massive problems and threatens the health and financial well-being of countless consumers.  Laboratory tests have revealed the presence of dangerous chemicals in the materials which have led to homeowner complaints of respiratory problems, breathing issues, chronic coughing , increased headaches and sinus difficulty.  Industry estimates place the total number of Chinese drywall imported into the United States at over 300,000,000 feet.  Contaminated drywall materials have been found in 41 states to date, with Florida (59%) and Louisiana (20%) being the primary locations of defective product.

In addition to potential short- and long-term health issues, homeowners are faced with potential financial and housing problems as a result of Chinese drywall.  Many insurance providers have begun inserting policy disclaimers to minimize their liability in regard to claims; other insurance companies don’t cover Chinese drywall claims at all.  Home builders are also facing exposure in circumstances where they used defective product in new construction.  A number of builders are being proactive by going to the measure of actually gutting affected homes, in order to eradicate the presence of tainted drywall, wiring, appliances H/VAC, insulation, plumbing and dust residue.

A number of class action suits have been initiated against a variety of businesses, including home builders, drywall suppliers and manufacturers.  The federal government has also initiated hearings into the issue and officials are warning consumers to be wary of scams involving test kits and home inspections.

Homeowners who believe Chinese drywall may be present in their homes, should contact their insurance companies and home builders immediately, to determine insurance coverage and advisable next steps.