Powell Appraisers & Consultants has been performing Virginia Peninsula-based appraisals for lenders (local and out of state) for over 30 years.  We believe that by limiting our coverage area, we are able to provide the expertise, knowledge and experience in our home market which is necessary to produce top quality appraisals. We know lenders face more extensive challenges today than at any recent time and we are well equipped to help our clients meet them.  Our appraisers are comfortable performing numerous types of appraisals and working with lenders (primary and secondary, local and out-of-market). We meet required turn-around times, keep clients informed on the appraisal status and convey professionalism in every aspect of the appraisal process. We utilize state of the art computers and software and have a professional trained office staff with many years experience in the appraisal process. 

At Powell Appraisers & Consultants, our philosophy is “do it right the first time”. Over the years we have learned that by taking the time to perform adequate research, having extensive knowledge of our subject’s market area and utilizing top quality equipment and staff, we can produce an accurate, reliable appraisal at a competitive price.