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Unlocking the True Value of Your Property

About us

About Us

Powell Appraisals Inc. is an Independent real property appraisal and consulting firm based in Thunder Bay that has been in operation since 01 October 1987. Powell Appraisals provides commercial, industrial, institutional (ICI), and residential real property appraisals to the private and public sectors. Thunder Bay Is our primary market, however, we also provide appraisal services from Sault Ste. Marie to the Manitoba border, and points north. Powell Appraisals provides a variety of consulting services to all level of government, First Nations, non-profit groups, and lenders. Consulting services Include market rent and feasibility studies, Highest and Best Use studies, and assessment appeal support.


Our Property Appraisal Services

Residential Property Appraisal

Residential Property Appraisals

We specialize in determining accurate market value for residential properties, offering insights that help you make informed decisions regarding your property.

Commercial Property Appraisals

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Property Appraisals

Our expertise extends to assessing the market value of commercial properties, providing comprehensive appraisals for various business needs.


Property Consultation

Our team provides professional consultation services to guide you through property valuation, investment strategies, and market trends.

Our Clients 

Our Clients

Powell Appraisals is dedicated to providing our clients with reports that are accurate, professionally prepared, and EDI compliant . Our clients include financial institutions; all levels of government including municipalities; insurance companies; law firms; accounting firms; development companies; private and public corporations; non-profit agencies; small businesses; First Nations; and the private sector throughout Northern Ontario. The company specializes in Tourist Camp Valuations and has one of the largest data bases on Northern Ontario. Powell Appraisals maintains a large data base of property sales, overall capitalization rates, vacancy rates, economic profiles, and rental rates, for a variety of property categories throughout Northern Ontario. We subscribe to the Thunder Bay Real Estate Board (MLS), the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation - MPAC propertyline, Teranet GeoWarehouse, CoreLogic (Marshall & Swift construction cost service) and Al a mode TOTAL residential form platform. These sites ensure that our appraisals are accurately and competently prepared, and meet the highest of professional standards including those outlined in the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Practice (CUSPAP).

Who We Are

Who We Are

Dawn Powell



Scott MacKenzie

CRA, P.App


Eric Powell

“Determining the true value of your property is the first step towards maximizing its potential and ensuring successful transactions.”

Powell Appraisals

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